Sacrament of the Sick

This sacrament is open to those in need of mental, emotional, spiritual or physical healing. For example, those who are going through a chronic illness, those who are seniors, those who are struggling in faith, those suffering tremendous loss (ex. just lost a loved one – spouse, parent, child, etc.) those going for surgery are just a few of the eligible reasons for receiving this sacrament.

This sacrament is about an encounter with the real Presence of Jesus, who makes Himself present during the ritual prayer with the laying on of hands and the anointing with oil. It is Jesus who comes to bring us healing through the instruments of the priest and the community that gathers in prayer. This sacrament brings us peace and strength in our faith, as well as the forgiveness of sins.

God will give us healing wherever He thinks we need it most in mind, heart, body or soul if we are open to it. This sacrament is also open to those of the Orthodox tradition or the other rites of our Church such as Ukrainian Catholic; also, those who are baptized Christians of other faiths who do not have access to this within their own communion but who believe what we believe about this Sacrament and are properly disposed may also come forward to receive it.