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Welcome from our Pastor Father David Kowalski

Time and time again Christ gives his disciples an example of their own mission: to serve others. This is the essence of Christianity: to live a life of humble service with all people, especially with those we find it most difficult to serve. One word captures it: charity.

Being a servant to others is not easy, Jesus shows us the depth of humility that is required to serve like Him when He washes the disciples feet. Loving and serving others who love and serve us back is easy. Striving to love those who ignore us, reject us, despise us, gossip about us, resent us, or disrespect us, is quite challenging, and without God's grace, is next to impossible.

It was not easy for Christ either, but he had a motivation: being faithful to his father's commands. It was his love for his father and commitment to living in His Father's will that made Him persevere in His mission here on earth. It was his love for US that held him on the cross, not the nails!

He asks us to do the same for others, to love and serve one another without counting the cost. To love and serve everyone who is put in our path, even the Judas Iscariots of our life.

Love transforms our world; it transforms hearts and allows the grace of God to touch the depths of the human soul. Once God's love marinates in our heart, and changes it, then every opportunity we have to love one another becomes a blessing, a blessing to live like the Master who came not to be served, but to serve.

Fr. David

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There are four Pillars of the Spiritual Life that anchor our hearts in heaven, giving us a source of courage so that we can follow Christ faithfully here on earth, and resist the temptations and distractions of satan: Prayer, Sacraments, Christ's Teachings and Example, and Christian Fellowship.

Prayer - is a lifting of the mind and heart to God, an asking of good things from God, and conversing with God. We need to begin and end each day with prayer. Without prayer, it is impossible to keep our hearts anchored in heaven.

Sacraments - all the sacraments unite our souls to God, and they strengthen us and nourish us with God's grace. The purpose of the sacraments is to prepare us for heaven. Holy Communion and Confession - these should be as regular a part of our lives as eating and sleeping.

Christ's Teachings and Example - We begin with Sacred Scripture, but that is only the beginning. The Holy Spirit continues to guide and enlighten the Church , and fills it with God's wisdom so that we will not stray from the path that leads to eternal life. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Study Sacred Scripture, the teachings of the Church Fathers, and the encyclicals of the Popes. Follow in Christ's footsteps and be guided by Christ in all your relationships.

Christian Fellowship - We can't do it alone; we are not meant to; Christians are not 'lone rangers'. Become involved in parish organizations and ministries. Take advantage of Bible study groups, adult faith formation programs, and social activities like parish picnics, dances, brunches, and other parish-sponsored activities.

Join us at St. Theresa's where you can participate in all four Pillars of the Spiritual Life. By weaving these four means for spiritual growth more and more deeply into our lives - Prayer, Sacraments, Christ's Teachings and Example, and Christian Fellowship - we will do our part to keep our lives anchored in heaven, so that no difficulty, opposition, or challenge can throw us off course.