Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, Catechism grades 1 - 7 this year (2020-2021) will be home schooled.


Registration fee: cost of the books which includes shipping (TBA).

Grade Two: First Communion year may require students to participate in occasional Zoom meetings and Parish retreats.

CONFIRMATION: will resume in 2021-2022 year. Due to low numbers, no program will be offered at this time.

If you have any questions , contact


Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, all catechism grades will be home schooled.

Please email your inquiries to:

Volunteers Needed - Not required for 2020-2021

Are you thinking about becoming a catechism instructor? New instructors, substitute instructors, and helpers are always needed and welcome. Sign up with a friend and share the responsibility! Step-by-step manuals and training are provided. This is a great way to give back to the parish and share in stewardship. Please come out and share your faith with our children. If you are still discerning, please check out this website provided by our diocesan catechetical coordinator.

Parent/Parish Covenant

The pastor and catechists of St. Theresa's promise to do their best, through our parish's catechism program, to help parents teach their own children about the love of God and the Catholic Church. However, your home is the first school of faith for your children, and it is important that you, as parents/guardians, take an active role in the religious formation of your children. This includes regular attendance at Mass and at catechism classes. When you register your child for catechism at St. Theresa's, you enter into a covenant whereby you agree to support the work of the catechists and parish, with regular involvement and follow-up with your child in your home.

Attendance Policy - not in effect for 2020-2021

  1. Since the catechism program builds on the previous year, each grade must be completed UNLESS special dispensation has been given by the Pastor.

  2. Since each grade builds on the previous class, of which community building plays a major part, it is expected that your child will attend and participate in all classes (just as they would at school).

  3. Coming late and/or leaving early for classes disrupts the class time and distracts the students. This is strongly discouraged! Continuation of coming late and/or leaving early for classes may result in a home program being put in place for your child.

  4. With 23 scheduled classes, we realize there may be a couple of classes where attendance is impossible due to illness or other family issues. This is understandable. If your child misses THREE classes, the catechist is obligated to contact you to discuss these absences. The Catechism coordinator, along with the Pastor, will be informed of the situation. In cases of absence due to illness, parents should speak with their child's catechism teacher to find out what work can be done at home to catch up.

  5. If your child misses one quarter (25%) that is SIX classes, a meeting may need to be scheduled with the catechist, coordinator and Pastor, to which you will be obligated to attend to discuss the reasons why. At that time, you may be offered the home study program which involves periodic testing and an interview with your child before grade completion can be approved.

  6. Any student who misses one third (33%) that is EIGHT classes, may be required to repeat that year. The Catechism coordinator and the Pastor will be informed of the issue so that a hold can be put on future registrations until missed work is reviewed.

NOT VALID FOR 2020-2021-----Please download and refer to the St. Theresa Parish Catechism Attendance Policy and Procedures for further details.

Attendance Policy and Process.pdf

Confirmation - no classes for 2020-2021

After children finish grade 7 catechism classes and are in grade 8 in school, they may take Confirmation classes for Youth at St. Theresa's.

If you would like to register your child for Confirmation, complete the Application for Confirmation, and leave it at the church after Mass. The cost is $70.00.

For further information check the Schedule of Confirmation classes.


All children must be signed in and out of each class by a parent or guardian. First aid kits are on site, and we have catechists who are trained in first aid for children.


The Finding God spiral scope and sequence revisits eight concepts:

  • God,

  • Jesus

  • The Church/Creed

  • Sacraments

  • Morality

  • Prayer

  • Catholic Social Teaching

  • Scripture

through five units each year:

1. God, Our Creator and Father

2. Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour

3. The Church, Our Community in the Spirit

4. Sacraments, Our Way of Life

5. Morality, Our Lived Faith