Ushering Ministry

The Ushering Ministry helps to facilitate the smooth collection of the offertory and the procession of the gifts, as well as to distribute worship aids and bulletins. Contact: Lisa Reis Tymchuk if you wish to become an usher. Orientation will be provided for new ushers.

Prior to the liturgy

  • Those participating in the ministry of ushering arrive 45 minutes prior to the celebration of the liturgy.
  • It is the responsibility of the ushers to distribute any worship aids, to usher worshippers to their seats, or to help them use the elevator if required.
  • As worshippers arrive, ushers identify and invite four individuals to collect the offerings from the congregation, and three other individuals to carry the gifts in the offertory procession.

During the liturgy

  • Once the liturgy begins, ushers join the worshiping assembly but remain near the entrance to the worship space in case their services are needed by those arriving later.
  • After the Prayers of the Faithful, the ushers supervise the offertory collection and the procession of the gifts. At least three individuals are required for the procession, the first person carries the bread, the second person carries the wine, and the third person carries the offertory collection.

At the conclusion of the liturgy

  • As the final hymn begins, the ushers return to the entrance of the worship space.
  • As the congregation leaves, ushers distribute the parish bulletin and any other handouts, inviting people down to the Parish Hall for refreshments when available, and wishing worshippers well for another week.