Greeting Ministry

The Ministry of Greeting is a source of warmth and welcome to those gathering for the celebration of the liturgy, including parishioners, visitors, and newcomers. Contact: Helene Gowryluk if you wish to join this ministry. Orientation will be provided for new Greeters.

Prior to the liturgy

  • Greeters arrive 30 minutes prior to the celebration of the liturgy and wear St. Theresa's nametags so parishioners and visitors get to know them.
  • Greeters welcome those arriving for worship with a warm smile, and a friendly handshake, striving to know as many names and faces as possible.
  • Newcomers are acknowledged, welcomed, and provided with any information they may need about St. Theresa’s. Greeters attempt to connect newcomers with parishioners at the same Mass, and to introduce them to Father David.
  • Greeters help with any needs that arise at the door, and contact the ushers if the elevator is required.
  • Greeters introduce others to members of the Parish Pastoral Council, the Catholic Women's League, and the Knights of Columbus as required.
  • Once the Gospel has been proclaimed, greeters join the worshipping assembly.