Jesus' Words in the Gospels

Examination of Conscience - based on Jesus's Words in the Gospels

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart." Luke 10:27

  • When have I not set my heart on God? When have I loved the things of this world or my own preferences more than God?
  • Have I Listened to the word of God? Am I faithful to prayer? Do I learn the teachings of the Church and strive to keep them? Have I hesitated to defend my beliefs in the presence of others? Do I fear to let others know I am a Christian?
  • Do I pray daily? Do I lift my mind and heart to God or merely recite words? Do I ask God's help in time of temptation?
  • Do I keep God's name holy? Do I respect God and others by my choice of words, avoiding those that give offense?
  • Do I participate at Mass on Sundays and holy days?
  • Do I worship the false gods of money, superstition, selfishness, or intoxicants? Do I choose violence as a solution to problems?

"Love one another as I love you." John 15:12

  • Have I shown genuine love to my neighbours? Do I take advantage of them? Do I do to them what I would not want done to myself? Have I given scandal?
  • Have I been patient and loving to my family? Have I obeyed and cared for my parents? Have I set a good example for my children? Am I faithful to my spouse in my heart and in my relations with others?
  • Do I share my possessions with the needy? Have I helped victims of oppression, misfortune or poverty? Do I look down on the poor, the sick, the elderly, strangers, and people of other races?
  • Do I participate in the apostolic works of the Church? Do I give to charities? An I active in my parish? Have I contributed to the unity of the Church, the spread of the Gospel, and peace and justice?
  • Do I support the community where I live? Do I promote justice, morality, harmony, and love among citizens? Have I paid my taxes? Do I take seriously my civic responsibility to vote my conscience? Have I carefully considered the mind of the Church as I develop my views on public issues and have I communicated these to my elected officials?
  • At work, am I just, hardworking, and honest, serving society out of love for others? Do I pay a fair wage to my employees? Have I been faithful to promises and contracts?
  • At school, do I participate in class in a way that shows respect for others? Do I help others learn? Do I complete my assignments on time?
  • Do I respect and heed those in authority over me?
  • Do I use my authority for my own advantage or for the good of others?
  • Have I been truthful and fair? Have I injured others by deceit, calumny, detraction, rash judgement, or violation of a secret entrusted to me?
  • Have I committed violence against others? Have I damaged someone's person, reputation, honour, or possessions? Have I advised an abortion or procured one? Do I harbour hate for anyone? Am I estranged from others through quarrels, enmity, insults, or anger? Have I not testified to someone' innocence?
  • Have I stolen someone's property? Have I desired it unjustly? Have I restored what I caused someone to lose?
  • Have I been ready to make peace and forgive those who have injured me? Do I desire revenge against someone who has harmed me, my family, or my community?

"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." Matthew 5:48

  • Does the hope of eternal life guide the decisions on my life? Have I grown in the Spirit through prayer and self-denial? Have I tried to control my bad inclinations and passions, like envy or excessive love of food or drink? Have I been proud and boastful? Have I imposed my will on others?
  • Have I used my time, health, and strength for the sake of the Gospel? Do I squander the on lesser goods? Have I been lazy and too much given to leisure?
  • Have I patiently accepted the sorrows and disappointments of life? Have I fasted and abstained when the Church asks me to?
  • Do I practice chastity out of respect for my body and the bodies of others? Have I given in to sensuality? Have I indulged in reading, conversation, websites, and entertainments contrary to Christian and human decency? Have I led others to sin by my failure to maintain these standards? Have I been faithful to my married life? Have I been faithful to my state of life as a single person?
  • Have I gone against my conscience out of fear or hypocrisy?
  • Have I always tried to act in the true freedom of the children of God according to the law of the Spirit?