Music Ministry

The music ministry calls together those willing to share their gifts of music and song to help set the tone for the Mass and facilitate the full, conscious, and active participation of the gathered assembly. It enhances the liturgy by providing appropriate musical selections for the various parts of the Mass, and the liturgical seasons of the church year.

At St. Theresa’s we have one music ministry for the Saturday evening (anticipated Sunday) Mass and one music ministry for the Sunday morning Mass. Both choirs are always looking for new people to join.

If you would like to join the music ministry, contact: Cindy Hlatky or Joanna Gustave for the Sunday choir, or Jean Foster or Kathy Gadient for the Saturday choir.

If you would like to preview and practice the psalm, please click here.

Listen to, sing along, and practice some of our favourite hymns...

We use the ''Gather Comprehensive'' second edition 2004 and the Catholic Book of Worship

Prior to the celebration of the liturgy, participants in the ministry of music

  • select music appropriate to the liturgy
  • rehearse once weekly
  • arrive 45 minutes prior to the celebration of the liturgy for a second rehearsal
  • teach the congregation new hymns, chants, and Mass parts
  • post the numbers of the hymns on the music board above the choir

During the celebration of the liturgy the music ministry leads the singing of the

  • gathering hymn
  • processional hymn or chant
  • Mass parts in response to the presider
  • psalm
  • offertory hymn
  • communion hymn
  • recessional hymn

Free Christian Music

This site has free downloads, lyrics, and sheet music released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License.