League Prayer

We humbly pray you, O God our Father, to bless the Catholic Women's League of Canada.

Bless our beloved country, our homes and families.

Send Your Holy Spirit upon us to give light to our minds and strength to our wills that we may know and fulfil Your great law of charity.

Teach us to share with others, at home and abroad, the good things You have given us.

This we ask through Our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of our patroness Our Lady of Good Counsel.


2010 Prayer for Peace and Hope

O Lord our God, You are the source of peace.

Inspire the women of the League to live in peace by acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with You, our God.

We pray that you enlighten the eyes of our mind, so that we may see what hope Your call holds for us.

May we be firm in the hope we profess and always be ready to give the reason for the hope we have.


2011 Prayer for Faith and Justice

O Lord, as women of faith, we come before you seeking justice for your world.

A world blessed by you the Creator, where the weak are protected and the riches of creation are shared so all may live in dignity.

A world where all of your children live in harmony and mutual respect;

a world where peace is founded on justice and justice guided by faith.

Faith, hope and love; and the greates of these is love.

May we be faithful to our League Prayer, always aware of the needs of others and seek justice for all, with love.


Please Pray for the Deceased Members of the St. Theresa's CWL:

  • Alice Lesia Konowalchuk (1944-2009)
  • Kathleen Corley (1914-2009)
  • Mary Bartecki (19??-2010)
  • Cathy Nizio (2017)