Lenten Season

Examination of Conscience - based on the Lenten Season

Consider the following questions:

  • Do I only turn to God when I'm in need?
  • Do I attend Mass on Sundays and hold days of obligation?
  • Do I begin and end my day with prayer?
  • Am I embarrassed to show that I am a Christian?
  • Do I rebel against God's plan for my life?
  • Am I envious, hot-tempered, biased, or prejudiced?
  • Am I honest and fair with everyone or do I fuel the 'throwaway culture'?
  • Do I uphold morality in my marital and family relations?
  • Do I honour and respect my parents?
  • Have I refused newly conceived life? Have I snuffed out the gift of life or helped to do so?
  • Do I respect the environment?
  • Am I part worldly and only part believer?
  • Do I overdo eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, or amusements?
  • Am I overly concerned with my physical well-being or my possessions?
  • How do I use my time? Am I spiritually lazy?
  • Do I want to be served instead of serving?
  • Do I dream of revenge or hold grudges?
  • Am I meek, humble, and a builder of peace?