Hall Rentals

The church hall is available for rental* at a cost of $300.00 per function such as anniversary parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, or baby showers (not related to business, political, or financial gain).

NOTE: If liquor is to be served, then the renter must obtain third party liability insurance for the function from their own insurance provider, as well as a liquor permit from the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission. The kitchen facilities are included in the cost of the rental and all facilities must be returned to their original state. All garbage must be removed and the hall must be cleaned at the end of the function.

For more information and to rent the St. Theresa's Church Hall, call the Parish office (204) 339-2649

Maintenance Team

A group of parishioners volunteer on the parish maintenance team. The St. Theresa's maintenance team ensures that St. Theresa's has a well maintained space to carry out our mission, ministries, and community gatherings. The maintenance team

If you are willing to cut grass, paint, clean, fix plumbing, wield a hammer or saw, and are interested in joining the St. Theresa's maintenance team, contact Mark Dias