Preparing For Your Marriage

The Marriage Preparation Program for couples planning to be married at St. Theresa's parish is "SAYING I DO", a six week program that encourages engaged couples to participate in discussion and reflection before beginning their marriage journey. The topics explored in this program are

1. Communication: Beyond Words

2. Finances: Money Matters and Conflict Resolution: Working it Out

3. Sexuality: Who Am I?

4. Intimacy: Becoming a Couple

5. Fruitfulness: Our Creative Response

6. Spirituality and Interchurch/Interfaith Spirituality: We Believe

The Catholic Church has been a leader in marriage preparation for many years, because the Church recognizes marriage preparation as a crucial step in the lifelong commitment of every marriage relationship. As an engaged couple participating in this program, you will experience its many benefits throughout your marriage as you reconnect with your faith tradition.

With the guidance and shared experiences of the marriage preparation facilitators, engaged couples will have the opportunity to explore their strengths and weaknesses. You will discuss the benefits of compromise, and develop tools you can use to work through areas of difficulty before they pose a threat to your marriage relationship.

Preparing for your wedding is a time to reflect, to pray, and to share faith with each other. During the program you will review the booklet CELEBRATING OUR LOVE. You will also receive information to help you plan the readings, music, and prayers for your wedding liturgy. This ensures that your wedding ceremony reflects your faith, hope, and love for each other, and continues to inspire you as a couple long after your wedding, nourishing your prayer life and deepening your love.

Sustaining Your Marriage

Congratulations! Maybe you are newly married, or maybe you have been married for many years. In any case, you know that your marriage ceremony is just the beginning of fulfilling your lifelong committment to each other. You should also know that marriages typically move through a series of at least four stages. Each stage presents unique learning opportunities and blessings, along with challenges and obstacles.

Stage One – Romance, Passion, Expansion and Promise

Stage Two – Settling Down and Realization

Stage Three – Rebellion and Power Struggles

Stage Four – Discovery, Reconciliation, and Beginning Again

Here is a resource from the United States Council of Catholic Bishops that can help you work together through each stage of your marriage with openness, flexibility, and an awareness of how the Holy Spirit works within your relationship.