Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body to the Pastor that assists him in the spiritual and pastoral care of the parishioners, following the Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils. The St. Theresa's PPC meets approximately six times per year from September to June. The members of the council are representatives from the parishioners at large. The monthly agenda consists of discussions on ongoing parish projects, new projects suggested by different ministries, deanery information, and overall concerns of the parish and ministries. If you are interested in serving on the PPC contact the facilitator,  Steve Gadient.

Facilitator:   Laura Kwiatkowski

Secretary:   Laura Kwiatkowski

Members:  Joanne Foster, Monique Milne, Deacon John Kunicki


Characteristics of the Parish Pastoral Council

Prayerful: Council members will be expected to develop their prayer life as individuals and as community. They should have an opportunity and take the responsibility of guiding the prayer at meetings.

Pastoral: Council members will have a sense of what it means to be concerned about the pastoral and spiritual issues of the whole parish. Some of the critical pastoral issues are formation, spirituality and worship, outreach and community building.

Prophetic: Council members should be able to move the parish in a direction that is faithful to the Gospel even if it is not the popular choice. Their call is to prevent the parish from maintaining the status quo and move it to a challenging mission.

Discerning: Council members are invited to discern the direction of the parish and to articulate its mission. This is a prayerful, reflective and ongoing process that surfaces the pros and cons and enables councillors to consider what is at the heart of their decision.

Consensus Building: Council members are challenged to talk things out (dialogue) so that they are in agreement rather than voting on significant issues and ending up as winners and losers. The gift of consensus building takes time.